The Best Baby Thermometers In The Philippines To Buy This 2020

When you’re a parent, your child’s health and safety is undoubtedly your top priority. The thought alone of your child getting sick may fill you with worry. But we all know that fevers are bound to happen and can strike anytime. In the case where your little one feels under the weather, you wouldn’t want to waste your time on a doctor’s trip that didn’t need to happen. Purchasing a baby thermometer in the Philippines will give you an instant and accurate reading of your little ones’ body temperature. From there, you will be able to determine your next steps.

But, what kind of thermometer suits your baby the best? Read on!


What is the best baby thermometer in the Philippines?

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With the wide array of thermometers out in the market these days, it may be challenging and overwhelming to find the type of thermometer that’s best for you. We’re here to help! No-contact thermometers may just be your best pick when you’re looking for the best baby thermometer in the Philippines. The development of infrared technology has radically changed the old ways of taking temperature.

It also comes in handy, especially during these unprecedented times. Aside from its no contact feature, it is also quick and easy. All you have to do is simply place the thermometer against your baby’s forehead! No contact baby thermometers will be extra convenient when you’re dealing with your sick baby since they will likely be restless and impatient. Here’s a list of ProMed’s best no contact baby thermometers!


ProMed Baby Thermometer Comfort 305

ProMed Baby Thermometer Comfort 305

First on this list is the Comfort 305 by ProMed. It offers everything you’re looking for in a baby thermometer in the Philippines — advanced features, ease of use, accuracy, and convenience. This is the perfect addition to your baby’s essentials. Here are some of the best qualities of the Comfort 305:


Modern Temperature Tracking

It can be quite challenging to have your little one stay put when they are sick. Investing in this infrared no-contact thermometer from ProMed makes it super simple. To take your child’s temperature, hold the device up to two inches away from their forehead, and wait for two seconds for the result to flash on the screen. It’s that simple.

Plus, this device makes it so much easier for you to keep track of their temperature. The Comfort 305 is equipped with a memory feature. It stores temperature readings for easy recall.


Speedy Reading

The Comfort 305 incorporates a well back-lit digital screen that displays your baby’s temperature in big and bright numbers. It is much easier to read, even when you are using it at night or in any darkened space. To add to that, since ProMed’s thermometers are equipped with the latest and highest quality infrared technology, your temperature will be a lot more accurate compared to other methods.


Hygienic and Non-Invasive

Since the Comfort 305 is a non-contact infrared thermometer, it won’t make contact with your little one’s skin. The possibility of cross-infection is reduced. Additionally, there will be no need to keep independent thermometers for each person in your household or to sanitize it every time. All you have to do is replace the batteries and do a quick wipe from time to time. Furthermore, the Comfort 305 can also be used right away for your other kids when needed, without worrying about the risk of transferring bacteria or transmitting infections.


ProMed Baby Thermometer Comfort 701

ProMed Baby Thermometer Comfort 701

This smart no-contact infrared thermometer takes the spot as one of the best baby thermometers in the Philippines. The Comfort 701 holds the newest and cutting edge technology for thermometers! Take a look at some of its best features below:


Temperature Tracking Made Easy

The Comfort 701 by ProMed is faster and more convenient than any other thermometer on the market. It is easy to use with a single button, it features a no-contact design, and it requires only 1-second testing. Additionally, the Comfort 71 utilizes the highest quality infrared technology! It holds a tolerance of 0.3 precision. It will deliver you a temperature that corresponds exactly to the ideal value.



The Comfort 701 is an infrared thermometer. It requires no contact, making it perfect for sleeping and irritable, sick babies you don’t want to disturb. What’s more, because you can also measure the temperature of rooms and surfaces with the Comfort 701, it can be useful in checking the ambiance of the bedroom and its surroundings to see if it is contributing to your child’s temperature.


Color-Coded Display

The Comfort 701’s color-coded indicator is one of its best features. It will be easy to tell if your child has no fever (green light), a slightly elevated temperature (yellow light), or a high fever (red light). With this, you can plan and act accordingly. Plus, the Comfort 701 also has a backlight display. You can easily see their temperatures at night without disrupting their sleep.


ProMed Baby Thermometer PNCT-800

ProMed Baby Thermometer PNCT-800

ProMed’s thermometers were created to hold advances in both innovation and efficiency. These products make lives more comfortable as well as more efficient and enjoyable. That’s why with the PNCT-800, you get a hold of a baby thermometer in the Philippines like no other. The technology has many benefits that you can reap. Let’s take a look at it below.


3 Mode Selection

With the PNCT-800, you are not limited to just taking your baby’s body temperature, you can also use it for other purposes as well. This includes taking no-contact temperature for rooms and surfaces! New parents can check the temperature of their baby’s milk and bathwater. They can also ensure that the place their little one rests in is at the perfect temperature.


Has a 32 Memory Feature

The PNCT-800 delivers instant recording. This means that it saves you the last 32 readings. This comes in handy when you want to evaluate and track down the development of your little one’s fever.


ProMed Baby Thermometer PNCT-500

ProMed Baby Thermometer PNCT-500

The second one on this list is yet another baby thermometer from ProMed – the PNCT-500! Let’s take a look at all its excellent features.



The PNCT-500 by ProMed is a no-contact thermometer. It offers a definite advantage over contact measurement because it can accurately determine your little one’s temperature without physical contact. It also completely rules out the possibility of passing contagious infections from one person to another. The PNCT-500 will also give you the ability to monitor your child quickly. This comes in handy when they are impatient, always moving around, or even when they’re sleeping. It gives you a fast response time of only 1 second!


High-Temperature Alarm

You can easily determine if your baby’s fever is too high because the PNCT-500 by ProMed comes with a high-temperature alarm feature. It also has an amazing measuring body temperature range of 32 C to 42 C! With this feature, you can easily track your baby’s temperature or figure out if you’ll be needing to seek a doctor.


Surface Temperature Feature

Not only does this device take body temperature, but it also takes surface temperature! You can also use this for your personal use.



Given all the amazing features of this device, you’d presumably think that it may cost you much. But that’s not the case! The PNCT-500 holds a competitive and cost-efficient price of only PHP2,500!


Choose ProMed For Your Baby’s Health Essentials Today!

It is always essential to have a baby thermometer at home for emergency situations and ultimate preparedness. Let ProMed take care of your thermometer needs. If you’re looking for the best baby thermometer in the Philippines, ProMed holds some of the best and most innovative devices in the country. All our thermometers are non-invasive, convenient, fast, and accurate.

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