The Best Kitchen Appliances In The Philippines From Fukuda

Whether you just moved into your new house or you felt that you needed to change some things up in your humble abode, having the right set of essential appliances can instantly turn your house into a wonderful home. Kitchen appliances are a staple for cooking the recipes you have always loved. It is also used to ease your overall cooking experience. Without them, you will need to make use of ancient cooking methods that are time-consuming to perform even with the most basic recipes. Luckily, the leading kitchen appliances manufacturer Fukuda graces the Philippine market today with its top-quality products. For the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines, choose Fukuda — the leading appliance provider that enriches people’s lives.


Essential Kitchen Appliances From Fukuda

fukuda gas stove

Fukuda offers a wide range of quality kitchen appliances that are a necessity in every traditional Filipino household. With a line of not only durable but also affordable kitchen appliances, Fukuda keeps its ultimate goal in mind — to cater to every Filipino family’s need.

It is important to keep in mind that less expensive does not necessarily mean less quality. The most expensive products don’t necessarily mean that they will last a long time or even cater best to your everyday cooking needs. Choose essential kitchen appliances that will ease your cooking processes today using Fukuda’s kitchen appliances:


Gas/Electric Stove

In regard to cooking your favorite dishes, you will need either a gas stove or an electric stove. From appetizers to the main dish — and sometimes even desserts — almost every dish needs a stove to complete. Fukuda has a number of high-quality stoves with different functions to cater to different cooking styles.

If you opt to use a gas stove, the Fukuda FGS900GL Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Top Double Burner Gas Stove is one of the best additions to your kitchen. It is crafted by manufacturers with durability in mind. The gas stove’s top surface is made with a heat-resistant tempered glass material. It also has a double burner to enable cooking two dishes at the same time. Talk about maximum efficiency! Aside from being equipped with an automatic ignition knob switch, it also has a stainless steel base to avoid corrosion.

In the meantime, if you plan on using an electric stove, the Fukuda FES27C Single Electric Stove is easy to use and perfect to fit in small spaces. Some dishes are best cooked on low heat and some are cooked on higher levels of heat such as meats that need to be tenderized. With this stove’s variable heat settings, easily change the heat level to cook your favorite recipes.

These flat cook tops are super convenient when cleaning up messes and are also sleek and tidy, perfect for exuding that stylish kitchen look. No matter what stove you need, Fukuda has a number of high-quality stoves with different functions to cater to different cooking styles.


Electric Kettle

For boiling water, heating a pan over a stove may work. But it is time-consuming and it also exposes you to burn hazards. An electric kettle is a handy kitchen appliance that makes your cooking task easier and safer.

If you’re particular with product design, the Fukuda EK18M 1.8Liter Matte Electric Kettle 360° Rotary is the one for you. Choose from an all-black matte color to give off that bold look or choose a white and gray-colored kettle to stick with the classic. If you want to make safety a priority, the Fukuda EK18S 1.8L Safe to Touch Electric Kettle has a double insulation function.

All of Fukuda’s electric kettles are equipped with safety features. These switch off once the liquid reaches boiling point and it also switches off when there is no water in the container. There is no need to worry when using these boilers. Enjoy your morning coffee and prepare your hot beverages with ease today.


Rice Cooker

There is no doubt that we Filipinos love rice. It is the primary source of carbohydrates that provide energy for our day-to-day activities. A fan of rice cooker meals? Need a rice cooker with a steamer? Want to cook bigger rice amounts for your whole family? Fukuda offers a wide range of rice cookers.

The Fukuda FRC185C 5 Cups Matte Finish Drum Type Rice Cooker and Warmer 1.0L is a solid choice for those with smaller families. Meanwhile, the Fukuda FRC42L 23 Cups Commercial Rice Cooker & Warmer 4.2L is perfect for your annual holiday family feasts! All of Fukuda’s rice cookers are equipped with automatic warmers to keep your rice warm for hours. These have detachable cords for easy serving, cleaning, and storage. Easily recreate one-pot meal recipes and don’t wait for it to cook with indicators that time your cooking. Fukuda Rice Cookers are definitely the trusty kitchen appliances you’ll need.


Turbo Broiler

Turbo broilers are gaining popularity among chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike because of their versatility. These portable convection ovens include a large tempered glass pot with a fan on its lid.

Need a kitchen appliance that does almost everything for you? Check out Fukuda’s FTB101 Turbo Broiler Halogen Oven with Extended Ring. Easily roast, steam, BBQ, grill, broil, bake, reheat, and fry your meals! It functions as an electric oven and microwave at the same time, but faster. Save your precious time for other things when you use Fukuda’s turbo broiler and even enjoy healthier cholesterol-free meals! Easily operate time and temperature control for broiling your meals and then easily clean your multi-functional turbo broiler with its removable tempered glass pot. This kitchen appliance is a convenient, low-cost, and low-energy cooker that’s a must in every kitchen!


Why choose Fukuda?

fukuda rice cooker

Top Quality Made Appliances

With Fukuda, you can rest assured that every appliance is meticulously quality assured. For many years, Fukuda enhanced its manufacturing processes to continually maintain the outstanding quality of appliances. From durability to safety, every appliance’s functions and features are not only well-thought-of but also went under strict quality control systems.

We ensure that every Fukuda product will look better, perform better, and in some cases will include a range of additional specialized features before finally landing on your household.


Values Customer Needs

During the early years of appliances like the era of karaoke and cassette radios, Fukuda has already aimed to cater to customer’s needs. Further expanding to more product variations, like electric fans and industrial fans to kitchen appliances that help people’s daily lives.

From the beginning, Fukuda’s mission has always been to create products for customer’s needs. We value you. This is why we are constantly challenged to innovate and create high-quality products beyond your expectations.


Affordable Pricing

Filipinos are known for their love of cooking and eating. Every occasion, big or small, is an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. This is why Fukuda appliances are set at affordable price points.

We also understand that setting lower prices does not mean that our products are of less quality. Our mission is to provide the best class of affordable products to improve the quality of your lifestyle.


Choose Fukuda Asia For The Best Kitchen Appliances In The Philippines

Back in 1994, Fukuda was founded with the ultimate goal of listening to customer’s needs and coming up with affordable consumer electrical products with quality beyond expectation. When it comes to cooking any of your favorite meals, high-quality kitchen appliances ease the overall experience for you. From a stove, an electric kettle, a rice cooker, turbo broilers, and many more, Fukuda’s got it all for you.

Purchase Fukuda products at the Good’s Guys website here and discover why we are the best kitchen appliances brand in the Philippines today.