Company History

Founded on 1994, Fukuda® brand was born on the aspiration to listen to the needs of customers, best class of affordable consumer electrical products with quality beyond expectation. Through rich colorful years of history of changing lifestyles and technologies, Fukuda® has constantly innovated and enriched a lot of people’s lives.

From the early years of Karaoke equipment and cassette radios, Fukuda® has expanded to areas from Electric Fans and Industrial Fans to daily needs of Kitchen Home appliances and enriching people’s lives with the audio/video equipment.

Year 2007, Fukuda expanded regionally to Jakarta, Indonesia with the same mission. Fukuda is a proof that we do listen to our customers and we are constantly challenged to innovate and to create quality products beyond expectation.

Richburg Corporation

With a family history deeply rooted in consumer electronics, two brothers, educated and commercially trained in Canada, returned to the Philippines almost twenty years ago to found the Richburg Corporation.

Supported by more than 150 employees and their manufacturing partners, Richburg Corporation has developed a nationwide distribution network that covers the whole archipelago of the Philippines as well as other Asian consumer markets including Indonesia. Richburg Corporation together with its Fukuda brand has grown to become one of the leading players in the distribution of consumer electronics in the Philippines.

The success of Richburg Corporation lies in its ability to deliver world-class quality products to its consumers at affordable prices whilst providing excellent after sales service on all products.

Today, the company successfully distributes a range of consumer electronics with usages that cover nearly every room in the modern home.

Quality Credo

Quality Beyond Expectation.

“All Fukuda products go through rigorous testing procedures and benchmarks going beyond the needs of consumers that require durability and safety in the products they use. For our customers, this means Fukuda products will look better, perform better and in some cases will include a range of additional specialized features.”


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best class of affordable consumer electrical products that improve and enhance the quality of their lifestyles and in tandem, support that with ethical business practices and professional relationships towards our manufacturing partners, business partners and customers alike. We want to be known as solutions providers not suppliers of products. We endeavor to always provide the latest products, continual innovative improvements, products that exceed expectations in both quality and value, and a premium after sales service.

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