The Best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer In The Philippines

Over the past few months, we’ve all undergone an unprecedented shift in our lifestyles due to the outbreak. And as society starts up again and community quarantine rules become more relaxed, it is a total must for establishments, workplaces, and businesses to perform strict safety protocols for everyone’s protection. And of course, amidst these protocols, there are all sorts of equipment required. One of the most vital supplies needed is a non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, who would’ve thought that taking body temperatures would become a part of our daily routine?

Pre-pandemic, individuals were only using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of liquids and the air. But now, it is now considered essential for this new normal. Why? One significant symptom of the virus is fever or high body temperature. Since the spread of the virus is through person-to-person transmission, a non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines makes it possible to both test individuals while maintaining social distancing and no physical contact.

Also, COVID-19 aside, non-contact thermometers are a very reliable solution for babies who don’t have the patience or a normal temperature check, for restless adults and bedridden patients, and for situations where you don’t want transmission of any infection.


Which Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer In The Philippines Should You Buy?

Which No Contact Infrared Thermometer In The Philippines Should You Buy

Looking for the best non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to purchase this tool for your personal use or for the safety protocols of your space, there are still factors and features that you need to consider. You’ll want to see how quickly and accurately the temperature is measured, how readings are presented, and how close you’ll need to hold it towards a person. With this outbreak still out there, it is crucial that you have access to only the best. Luckily, we have everything you need to make an informed and excellent decision. Read about the best non-contact infrared thermometers in the Philippines!




Glancing at the build alone, the ProMed COMFORT 305, is a product that already stands out from the rest. Its uniqueness and innovativeness also extend to its product details! Its impressive array of features makes this model excellent for both personal and commercial use. Let’s take a look at all of its standout features:

High Precision

Accuracy and precision is the top factor that should be taken into account when looking for a non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines. What’s the point if you aren’t getting accurate results anyway? The ProMed COMFORT 305 has a tolerance of 0.2 Celsius, is scientifically tested, and undergoes thorough quality control to assure accurate results.

Fast Measuring Time

You’re going to need a thermometer that has a quick response time, especially if you’ll be utilizing it for checkpoints and high-traffic areas. The ProMed COMFORT 305 offers a fast and accurate temperature reading. Get temperature readings in less than a second!

No Contact

Social distancing is not a problem with the ProMed COMFORT 305. Its measurement distance ranges from 3 to 5 cm. Plus, it comes in two modes. Use it to your advantage because the tool can be utilized for BOTH body temperature and surface temperature. It can quantify the forehead temperature as well as the cold or warmth of rooms and items.

Fever Alarm

The measurement range for this device is spectacular! Its body temperature mode allows you to take temperatures from 32 C to 42 C and surfaces from 0 C to 100 C. Apart from that, you will instantly be aware when the person that you are testing has a fever because the ProMed COMFORT 305 has a fever alarm feature. When body temperatures rise to 37.5 and above, the divide will emit a notice to remind you.

Large LCD

Of course, a large screen with a good resolution will offer you more clarity and efficiency compared to smaller screens. ProMed COMFORT 305 is sized at 130.68 mm, wherein almost ⅓ of its area is taken by its screen. It is also equipped with a color-coded backlight — where you can view results easily, efficiently, and clearly.

Records Memory

With the ProMed COMFORT 305, you get to reap the convenient benefits of tracking and reviewing past temperatures. The device is equipped with a memory that records your last 32 measurements!

Energy Saving Mode

You wouldn’t want to purchase a device that would quickly and easily die down on you, would you? Energy-saving modes are especially important when you’re using your thermometer for commercial and establishment purposes. With ProMed COMFORT 305, you reap the benefits of an auto-shutdown after 10 seconds of standby.




We’re sure that you only want the best for your child’s health. A part of staying on top of their health means that you need to be well-equipped. Make sure to keep a thermometer in handy to take your child’s temperature. ProMed aims to make temperature checking more efficient and convenient with this non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines! It is an easy, fast, and non-invasive device. Scroll down to see the smart features of the COMFORT800.

32 Memories

When your little one is sick, keeping track of their temperature is crucial. This will help you determine their dose of medication or if you’re in need of seeking medical care. The COMFORT800 is equipped with 32 memories! With this, you can be able to track their temperatures efficiently and conveniently.

3 Mode Selection

The COMFORT800 is also versatile. With its 3 mode selection, you are not limited to just body temperature. With this, you can also use it for surfaces and the air!

Fast Temperature Reading

Save your worries and time with the COMFORT800. For most, it can be difficult to get the little one’s attention, especially when sick. They can become very cranky and impatient at times. With this device, you can take temperatures in a span of just a second.


Why Choose ProMed?

Why Choose ProMed

Here at ProMed, all our non-contact thermometers are all specifically designed to offer you the ultimate convenience. To give you a quick background on who we are and what we aim to do, read below:

CE Certified

You are assured that the products and thermometers that you purchase conform to top standards. All our thermometers are CE certified. This indicates that it has been thoroughly assessed by professionals to meet safety, health, and environmental protection.

Innovative Products

Here at ProMed, our products go with the times. Choosing our thermometers means that you are getting your hands on an item that remains ahead of the curve.

Competitive Prices

We try to match our product prices for your needs. Considering the smart features and quality, you truly get the value for money with our thermometers.


Get Fast And Accurate Temperature Testing With ProMed!

With everything that’s happening in the world, it pays to be equipped. When it comes to health and safety, there’s no doubt that you only want the best. If you’re looking for an excellent non-contact infrared thermometer in the Philippines, choose ProMed! We aim to deliver fast and accurate temperature testing from a distance without person-to-person contact. Our products are equipped with the latest infrared technology. You can utilize it for both professional and personal use! Click here to reserve one now!